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Sierra Leone Solar Green Resilience Project Establishing in the Country

Trying to put light into the homes of the poor who can't afford the nation electricity cost by giving the light as soft loan to people. Giving back to the people what they want and can afford

Message From Survivors

The first Ebola survivor in Sierra Leone, Victoria, has given birth to a bouncing baby boy....
Holla for survivor....just on the 25th of May we celebrated her as the first survivor and now a baby shows the courage we the survivors have; even after all we went through we are going on with life as easy as it any other person.....
Bravo to us.....
Join us to celebrate the first after Ebola son from the first Ebola survivor from Sierra Leone...

S/L Life After Ebola

This blog is mainly going to focus on the things people are doing after the ebola and how they are feeling about the sutiation after the ebola.

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