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Airboats Being Sent to Assist in Thailand Flood Recovery

The Orange Leader - November 5, 2011


Several airboats are prepped and ready to be air-transported to Thailand to help in that country’s flood recovery efforts. Ten airboats, all made in Orange by American Airboats, are being shipped out and more could be ready to go soon.  Tommy Mann Jr.

ORANGE — A local business is flexing its international muscle once again.

American Airboats Inc. of Orange was a beehive of activity on Thursday as crews prepared 10 airboats for shipment to Thailand to assist in that country’s rescue efforts due to recent flooding.

Tractor trailers lined the road’s edge and parking lot waiting to be loaded Thursday afternoon as work crews partially dis-assembled the boat carriages to better accommodate air transport.

Faron Floyd, vice-president of American Airboats, recently met with top Thailand officials and demonstrated the Air Ranger, the signature airboat of American Airboat Corporation. Upon seeing how maneuverable and beneficial these watercraft could be, government officials quickly placed an order.

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