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Haiti Resilience and Sustainability Task Force

The mission of the Haiti Resilience and Sustainability Task Force is establish plans, resources, and infrastructure for the Haiti Phase 3 recovery and Phase 4 resilience initiatives.


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UN Documents Propose Mandatory Sustainability Reporting

submitted by Albert Gomez - January 31, 2012

Two influential documents – the Rio+20 negotiating text and the recommendations of the U.N. secretary general’s High Level Panel on Global Sustainability – both propose tighter sustainability reporting requirements for businesses, according to Chatham House fellow Paul Hohnen, writing in the Guardian.

In “Resilient People, Resilient Planet – A Future Worth Choosing,” published yesterday, the U.N. panel said one idea to consider is mandatory reporting by companies with market caps over $100 million. The paper also said that business groups should work with governments and international agencies to come up with a framework covering sustainable development reporting.

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