Push for $17.6 B for Research — $10 B for NIH — in the Recovery Bill

Agenda from Research America

Contact Congress Now

Urge your congressional delegation to support $17.6 billion for research to improve health in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Senate Plan Offers Big Boost in Health Spending

Jan. 23, 2009 – 4:04 p.m.

By Alex Wayne, CQ Staff
Senate Democrats are proposing about $132 billion in new spending for Medicaid and Medicare, electronic health records and health insurance for the unemployed as part of the emerging economic stimulus package.

American Health Care Since 1994: The Unacceptable Status Quo

This January 8th 2009 article by Ben Furnas of the Center for American Progress
provides a good back-drop for the debate on health care reform and concludes:

Obama Transition Tracker

Resource of the Week: Carroll Publishing's Transition Tracker By Shirl Kennedy, Senior Editor


Here's a timely (free!) resource that crossed our radar screen this week, from a publisher that is certainly highly qualified to profile this sort of information.

Staying abreast of current developments throughout the transition
from the old administration to the new is important to the
American people. Carroll Publishing has always provided the best
contact information at all levels of government for its clients.

A retrospective analysis of health systems in Denmark and Kaiser Permanente

Anne Frølich1§, Michaela L Schiøtz2, Martin Strandberg-Larsen2, John Hsu3, Allan Krasnik2, Finn Diderichsen4, Jim Bellows5, Jes Søgaard6, Karen White7
1. Copenhagen Hospital Corporation, Copenhagen NV, Denmark
2 Institute of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen K, Denmark
3 Center for Health Policy Studies, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA , USA
4 Institute of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen K, Denmark
5 Care Management Institute, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA USA
6. Danish Institute for Health Services Research, Copenhagen , Denmark

Healthy Societies: Addressing 21st Century Health Challenges

Prepared by Professor Ilona Kickbusch, Adelaide Thinker in Residence Department of the Premier and Cabinet
May 2008 - State of South Australia

Available online PDF [62p.] at: http://www.thinkers.sa.gov.au/images/Kickbusch_Final_Report.pdf

Improving Patient Safety in the EU Assessing the expected effects of three policy areas for future action

Annalijn Conklin, Anna-Marie Vilamovska, Han de Vries, Evi Hatziandreu
Health and Consumer Protection Commission (DG SANCO)

Available online PDF [148p.] at: http://www.rand.org/pubs/technical_reports/2008/RAND_TR596.pdf

Primary health care delivery models in rural and remote Australia

Primary health care delivery models in rural and remote Australia
a systematic review

John Wakerman , John S Humphreys , Robert Wells , Pim Kuipers , Philip Entwistle and Judith Jones
1 Centre for Remote Health, a joint Centre of Flinders University & Charles Darwin University, Australia
2 Monash University School of Rural Health, Victoria, Australia
3 Menzies Centre for Health Policy and College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Australian National University, Australia
BMC Health Services Research 2008, 8:276doi:10.1186/1472-6963-8-276
29 December 2008

5th International Conference theme: Social and Societal Influences on Equity in Health

International Society for Equity in Health (ISEqH)

5th International Conference theme: Social and Societal Influences on Equity in Health

June 9, 11 2009 Crete, Greece

5th International Conference in partnership with Greek School of Public Health and Canadian Society for International Health

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS Deadline for Submission: February 28, 2009

Website: http://www.iseqh-conference2009.com/

Spanish: http://www.iseqh-conference2009.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=1&lang=es

Obama's national health records system will be costly, daunting

But an Electronic Health Records system could save the nation $300B a year
Lucas Mearian

Innovative Community-based Ecosystem Management Interventions

Innovative Community-based Ecosystem Management Interventions for Improved Dengue and Chagas Disease Prevention in Latin America and the Caribbean

A TDR/IDRC Research Initiative
Website: http://www.who.int/tdr/svc/grants/calls/innovative-ecosystem-management
English: Call for concept notes [PDF: 169Kb, 6 pages]

Spanish: Convocatoria para la presentación de notas conceptuales en catalán [PDF: 75Kb, 6 páginas]

French: Demande de notes de synthèse en français [PDF: 140Kb, 5 pages]

People faster than institutions on climate

Where There Is No Vision, the People Will Refuse to Perish - But Do-Nothing Institutions Very Well Might

WHO can stop a Pandemic


The WHO is an encouraging, and too rare, example of countries getting over their differences to solve a common problem. The WHO is underfunded and needs reform, but it stands between us and some lethal future pandemic. President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and Obama’s pick for healthcare czar—Senator Tom Daschle—should be sure to support it, talk it up and push to make it as effective an organization as it can be.

Nina L. Hachigian is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress.

SCHIP: Maternal and Child Health Insurance Provisions Pass in the House


House Approves SCHIP Bill That Includes Coverage For Immigrant Children, Pregnant Women

Main Category: Medicare / Medicaid / SCHIP
Also Included In: Pediatrics / Children's Health; Pregnancy / Obstetrics
Article Date: 16 Jan 2009 - 2:00 PST

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