State of Hawaii Resilience Network Working Group


The State of Hawaii Resilience Network Working Group is a platform to building the State of Hawaii Resilience Networks.

The U.S. Resilience System

The U.S. Resilience System is a society-wide initiative with the goal of improving the health, well-being, and prosperity of American citizens and their communities, within the United States and abroad, during this period of fundamental change. During the 20th Century, American systems, built upon a reductionist science base, economic base dependent upon inexpensive fossil fuels, and industrial age technologies had competitive advantages and made widespread positive impact throughout the world. Unfortunately, today, many of these same systems are now antiquated, not well adapted the 21st Century social ecologies, and are finding it ever more difficult to successfully meet the challenges we now face. A U.S. Resilience System is emerging to step into the breach to address the gaps that are widening in association with 20th Century infrastructures and institutions that are falling behind in meeting the needs of Americans.


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