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How Ebola Adapted to Us

Ebola virus particles (blue) budding from an infected cell. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health

Image: Ebola virus particles (blue) budding from an infected cell. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health - November 3rd 2016 - Ed Yong

In December 2013, in a small village in Guinea, the Ebola virus left its traditional host—probably a bat—and infected a young boy. That leap triggered what became the largest Ebola outbreak in history. At first, the virus stayed within Guinea’s borders and, as in every previous epidemic, affected just a few hundred people.


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Mali Authorities Seek 2 Guineans Who Had Ebola Contact

Malian health authorities say they are searching for two women who left Guinea after having had contact with a recent Ebola case.

Dr. Keni Diarra, head doctor at the health center in Kenieba in the Kayes region, said Wednesday the two Guinean women came to Mali Sunday. He said they are suspected to be in Hamdallaye, a village in Kayes.

The World Health Organization says there have been eight cases of Ebola and seven deaths since late February in Guinea, flare-ups that came months after the nation was declared Ebola-free.

In Mali eight people were infected with Ebola and six of them died in 2014 before it was declared free from transmissions in January 2015.

More than 11,300 people, mostly in West Africa, have died from Ebola since December 2013.

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Sierra Leone Solar Green Resilience Finalizing Plans of Distribution of Solar Light in the country

In a meeting held at the sensi hub in 62 sir samuel lewis road, Arberdeen; the project cordinator Mr. Moses explain the important of the light in proving energy to those who can not afford the commercial energy supplies for their homes and charging of cell phones, he said this light would be available in the country on a soft loan basis. The consumers would purchase the light in a year period given with a small amount the user would be able to pay. 

The green solar project is focussing in area were the country electricity would not be able to reach and help those spot with centres for easy purchasing of the solar light.

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Liberia records new Ebola death, months after end of its outbreak

A woman has died of Ebola in Liberia, months after the West African nation was declared free of the deadly virus and weeks after neighboring Guinea also recorded a new flare-up, health officials said on Friday.

"A young lady in her early thirties died of Ebola yesterday at the Redemption Hospital," a senior health ministry official said. A hospital worker also confirmed the woman had tested positive for the disease.



(Reporting by Alphonso Toweh; Writing by Joe Bavier; Editing by Larry King)

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Poping Up

[12:47, 3/31/2016] +232 79 807498: UMARU FOFANA 
Medical sources in Kailahun, eastern #SierraLeone say there's an #Ebola scare in the district after a woman showed signs and symptoms of the disease. She had returned from a funeral in Guinea just a few miles away. The result of the test is being awaited. Today health officials from the capital, Freetown arrived in the area where the outbreak first appeared in 2014.
[12:48, 3/31/2016] +232 79 807498: The first result has been read out this morning in d radio  that it is negative but they are trying  for  the second  result to  confirm properly before tomorrow according to d radio.
FM 98.1 report this morning

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Green" industrialization part of focus for African Development Week


Carlos Lopes. File Photo: UNECA

Migration, climate change and what's been called "green" industrialization are just some of the issues topping the agenda when African economic and finance ministers gather in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, beginning this Thursday.

The conference is part of the wider events for the first African Development Week organized by the UN Economic Commission for Africa, known as the ECA, and the African Union.

Carlos Lopes is the ECA Executive Secretary at the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

Ernest Chicho asked him about the background for the week and what to expect.

Duration: 4'28"

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WHO Director-General briefs media

WHO Director-General briefs media on outcome of Ebola Emergency Committee


Remarks at a media briefing following the Ninth meeting of the Emergency Committee concerning Ebola. Geneva, Switzerland 
29 March 2016

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for joining us.

The ninth meeting of the Emergency Committee on Ebola, convened today under the International Health Regulations, has advised me that the Ebola situation in West Africa no longer constitutes a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

Although the response to a cluster of new Ebola cases and deaths is being reported in Guinea, that flare-up currently involves a single chain of transmission. It is the Committee's view that the countries have the capacities and capabilities to manage such flares.

To date, nearly 1000 contacts related to this flare-up have been identified, of whom 142 are considered at high risk of exposure.

In making its assessment, the Committee reviewed data on this new cluster of cases together with responses to earlier Ebola flare-ups that occurred after the original chains of transmission were interrupted in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

The response to each and every one of these flares was immediate and very effectively contained.

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Transmission dynamics of Ebola virus disease and intervention effectiveness in Sierra Leone



Since the initial recognition of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in 1976, many epidemics have occurred in Africa. Serious concerns remain that the fatal disease may repeatedly reemerge. In this study, we used data from an unprecedented EVD outbreak in Sierra Leone to map spatiotemporal transmission patterns, identify influential factors, and assess the effects of interventions at the chiefdom level. Furthermore, we have quantified household transmissibility and the temporal association between interventions and household transmission. Our findings have deepened the understanding of the transmission dynamics of EVD and provided key information for future modeling efforts in forecasting future epidemics and establishing intervention strategies.




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