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Arktek Passive Vaccine Storage Device - P6


From watching the video in the link below, the Arktek vaccine cold storage device is also known as the P6 . . .

The P6 is not just a container, but an innovative high-tech device.  It is designed to keep vaccines at the appropriate temperatures for a month or more with repeat vaccine retrievals and no need for electricity (using just one initial batch of ice).  The device also has built-in communications and monitoring capability.  The P6 units are able to send live updates, including the units’ GPS positions viewable on interactive maps, the number of days since fresh ice had been added, temperature, and more.  Here are the details . . .


Arktek: Keeping Vaccines Cool

Arktek Awarded Prequalified PQS Status by WHO

Modified Arktek to Support Ebola Vaccine Trials


With only a single batch of ice, it can store up to 300 doses of vaccines or enough to serve a community of 6,000 for more than a month.

This article (from 2013) states the P6 cost was $1,100 . . .

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The ‘last mile’ of vaccine delivery often involves overcoming significant geographic obstacles. In this photo, two health workers are preparing to bring a traditional vaccine carrier onto a boat in order to travel between islands. The new freeze-preventive carrier helps ensure the right temperature in any setting. Photo credit: PATH/Doune Porter.

PATH’s Freeze-Safe innovation sets a new benchmark, helping protect vaccine potency, reducing health worker burden, and providing cost savings to health systems - Press Release

Seattle, February 7, 2018—This week, the first commercially available freeze-free vaccine carrier will begin introductory field trials in Nepal. This follows the World Health Organization (WHO) announcement that the Indian-made carrier using PATH’s “Freeze-Safe” reference design passed WHO Performance, Quality, and Safety (PQS) laboratory tests for User Independent Freeze Prevention, which prequalifies it for use in global immunization programs. This is the first low-cost carrier innovation available to address the widespread and long-standing problem of vaccines freezing in the cold chain during the “last mile” of outreach to infants and children.


CLICK HERE - Freeze-Preventive Vaccine Carriers (1 page .PDF file)


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